With a variety of homeware products in an extensive range of colours and patterns, Bennita believes that functional items needn’t be boring. Handmade using Jesmonite, each piece is considered individual and unique, combining design and aesthetics as one.


Having graduated in 2017 with a Masters in Design (Mdes) from the University of Brighton, Bennita now runs her own studio on the outskirts of Brighton. Every product is handmade by herself.  She designs original products that reflect individuality by combining both function and aesthetics. Using both traditional and modern craft techniques, her unique products reflect personality through objects.


Now specialising in Jesmonite, Bennita loves experimenting to the limits of this material. From the wild collection to the marbled trays, Bennita is continuously exploring new ventures and products to expand her range and making skills at the same time. 


Alongside the Online store, Bennita's products can now also be found on Etsy​, at the occational pop-ups and in independent stores. Please check the stockists page to find your nearest store HERE. If you are a stockist interested in my products please do get in touch. All information can be found HERE.




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As we know, environmental impact is hot topic at the moment (about time too!) and I am very conscious of this not only in materials I use, but also in my studio practice. My business ethics and methods of making have always been to try and be as environmentally conscious as possible. This is done many ways, but to list just a few: Using reusable mixing tools and containers, no left over Jesmonite is wasted (it all goes into scrap containers to be later used in future projects) and even the bubble wrap and air pockets I protect my products with are sourced from a local company who distribute products and no longer need the packaging.

I also believe that by creating quality, long-lasting/wearing products, this can help create a more sustainable industry and discourage a throw-away culture of cheaply/poorly made products. Encouraging consumers to invest in pieces that are made independently and in small batches is where the solution may lay. - Well I hope so anyway.


Living in the Sussex countryside, Bennita takes inspiration for colour and patterns in her work from the natural surroundings and seasonal changes in nature. This continually develops throughout the year with ever-changing colour palettes. 

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