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Hi!  My name is Bennita and this is my pooch Maisie (with Poppy below). 


I am a designer/maker specialising in quality homeware products. Founded in 2019, I launched the Poppy & Pooch collection to combine my two loves; making and animals. Having several years experience in the product designing/making industry, I wanted to create petware products that can not only be very functional but sit beautifully in any home, and emulate a luxurious look.

All of the products are predominantly made from Jesmonite. Similar to concrete, Jesmonite is robust and strong but is also beautifully adaptable with endless colours, marbles and textures that can be achieved though the making process. I love this material for the petware because it is hardy and tough, perfect for our four legged friends to use but also for their owners to enjoy the luxury look and feel in their home. 







Pet Friendly

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